Hi, I'm Owen Peters, I'm a photographer based in Manchester, specialising in story-telling photography for weddings, still life, portraits, and more...

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Sport Photography

Hi, I’m Owen Peters, I’m a a professional sports photographer based in Manchester, servicing both amateur & professional sportsmen & sportswomen country-wide & even abroad. I love to capture athletes in their usual surroundings as well as locations completely alien to the norm.

Like in sports, experimentation & trying new things is what keeps my approach so fresh & focused.. I find that with this ethos, I can encapsulate a true expression of your passion through mine.


Live Music Photography

I’ve worked with bands & artists for years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that behind the scenes it takes a lot of work to pull off a great live show. The best way to really show off how amazing your live show was is with photography.

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting top up & coming artists such as Blossoms, Larkins, Indoor Pets, Fuzzy Sun & many more. Whether you’re looking for a photographer to document an entire tour or just a one off show, I am your guy for live music photography.


Further Action Photography


Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, so I assure that my approach aligns with making all of your special wishes a reality; taking specific steps to assure that I achieve the results you desire.


Parties are all about letting loose & having fun. My approach to party photography is to capture that by photographing guests when they’re least expecting it, capturing true human emotion.


I love cars, who doesn’t!? The sleek edges, the roaring engines, that fresh “new car” smell – cars appeal to all the senses. I create visuals that bring these different senses to life.