Hi, I'm Owen Peters, I'm a photographer based in Manchester, specialising in story-telling photography for weddings, still life, portraits, and more...

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Product Photography

Hi, I’m Owen Peters, I’m a a professional still life photographer based in Manchester, servicing businesses all across the country. I capture products & landscapes in their truest forms, highlighting details and using post effects to show how they work in situ.

I have experience working with an array of companies on shots such as apparel photography, product photography and exterior building photography.


Landscape Photography

Whether you’d like a particular skyline shooting or images of your house or business premises, my landscape photography caters to all outdoor still life subjects.

Additionally to this, I love to combine different styles. For example I can combine still life photography with portrait photography, this works particularly well with engagement photoshoots: capturing the perfect moment when she says YES!


Further Portrait Photography


The best way to sell a product that it targeted at a specific demographic of people, it’s to show it off in situ, modelled by someone who reflects your customer. My fashion photography services to just that.


Your children are probably the most important people in your life, and rightly so. But they grow up so fast, don’t they? I ensure that every child photograph captures your little monster’s personality all in one frame.


Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person or both, your pet is a very special member of the family. This is why I’m now offering pet portrait photography. Showcase your little best mate on instagram or even on your wall.